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Decorative metal accents including: stainless steel strike plate, polished brass grommet, brass pivot hinge, chrome photo display, and stainless steel glass panel support

decorative metal accents

The shown components, grommets, lock strike plate, pivot hinge, corner bracket, and photo hanger are produced from stainless steel and brass and are used in a wide variety of applications where decorative accents are important.

Client: Varies
Application A: Strike plate
Material A: Stainless steel
Finish A: Polished
Application B: Grommet
Material B: Brass
Finish B: Polished
Application C: Pivot hinge
Material C: Brass
Finish C: Polished
Application D: Photo display
Material D: Chrome
Finish D: Polished
Application E: Glass panel support
Material E: Stainless steel
Finish E: Polished

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