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This is a soft (dull) satin finish, with lower reflectivity than the #4 finish. This finish is produced by brushing the #4 finish sheet, using a medium of abrasive and oil. This finish is often used in architectural and ornamental applications where a high luster is not desired. It is often used with stainless steel furniture.

This is a higher finished product produced by buffing a surface that has been finely brushed. Grit lines produced are heavier than a #7 finish.

This finish has a high reflectivity produced by buffing a surface which has first been finely brushed, but not to the extent that the grit lines are removed through the final buffing process. It is often used for architectural and ornamental parts.

The most reflective finish commonly produced on sheet, also known as mirror or polished, this is the highest reflective finish available. It is produced by polishing with successively finer abrasives, then buffing with a very fine buffing compounds or rouges. The surface is essentially free of grit lines from preliminary grinding operations, though, at certain angles, some may still be visible. This finish is used primarily for decorative purposes such as architectural parts, small mirrors and reflectors. This is Tesko's most requested finish.

This finish is the same as above, but, through a programmed process, each sheet receives additional color buffing to achieve greater reflectivity.

Stainless steel undergoes a microscopic process known as electro polishing. This special technique smoothes the metal to a consistent surface to repel any dirt particles in the air and maintain surface purity. This finish only deep cleans the metal. It does nothing to change the appearance of the metal finish.

Derived from a #8 finish, the material is finished with an orbital sander using 180 to 240 grit. Whichever way the sheet is viewed, there is no pattern or grain. This produces a highly decorative finish.

This finish is obtained using an orbital disk sander to apply swirls in a random pattern and is often applied to a #4 finish as a final finish. Abrasives of 120-180 grit are used.

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