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Rolled sheet metal finish  

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This rolled sheet finish is produced by hot rolling followed by annealing and descaling. This is used for industrial, not architectural metal or ornamental metal, applications.

This is a dull finish used almost exclusively in industrial applications. It is cold rolled, annealed and descaled, with a final light cold roll pass on polished rolls. This finish is more able to be polished to a high luster than either #1 or #2D.

This is a bright annealed finish with a mirror-like appearance produced by cold rolling, then annealing in a controlled atmosphere furnace. This finish is sometimes specified for architectural applications.

This is a dull finish that offers no reflectivity. It is produced by cold rolling annealing and descaling. The #2D finish helps retain lubricants and is generally preferred for deep draw articles that will be polished after fabrication.

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