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CAN WE BREAK THIS INTO STEPS? Tesko receives drawings from the architect, designer, woodworker, contractor, etc. via E-mail (PDF, DXF, DWG), fax, or mail. These may take the form of an architectural drawing, or a sketch of a component or concept item.

In addition to dimensions, the customer specifies the finish as well as the gauge. Frequently Tesko is asked to suggest the gauge for the intended usage.

In the course of reviewing the drawings, other questions may arise regarding the suitability of metal and/or finish specified for the environmental condition, possibility of substituting a material size that is a stock item, suggestion for value engineering, etc.

Tesko will then furnish the customer with a price and a lead time.

GUIDELINES for submittal of drawings – please specify:



Gauge/ Size

4) Exposed areas (those that require finishing)

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